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Christopher Theofanidis, "I wander the world in a dream of my own making"

I wander the world in a dream of my own making

Christopher Theofanidis

Born: December 18, 1967, Dallas, Texas

Composed: 2005

Duration: 8 minutes

When Robert Rumbelow approached me to write a piece for wind ensemble for this wonderful consortium commission, I was really delighted, as I had been thinking of a piece for these forces for some time and was eager to try some of the acoustic things that I do in my pieces for symphony orchestra in a different context. I have long been interested in the idea of trying to “build in” an acoustic into my orchestrations; that is, to create the effect, for instance, of a melody which has a sense of sustain as if it were being played in a cathedral even though it is not- to build that reverberation into the orchestration. I was very pleased to see that not only could I achieve similar effects but also different and even more exciting things with various combinations of winds, brass, and percussion.

The title for this work is a reference to the compositional process. Writing a piece of music is like creating a dream that you want to have. The feeling that pervades the work is one of a sense of mystery, and this sentiment is primarily conveyed through the harmonies and orchestration.

The work is based on two ideas: the first is a short, two-note motive, and the second is a descending melody of five notes, ending in the repetition of the final note several times. This second material could be called the main melody, and it always appears shrouded in a kind of haze, until toward the very end of the work.

Christopher Theofanidis, I wander the world in a dream of my own making

Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Robert Rumbelow, conductor

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