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Osvaldo Lacerda, "Dobrado, Ponto, e Maracatu"

Dobrado, Ponto, e Maracatu

I. Dobrado

II. Ponto

III. Maracatu

Osvaldo Lacerda

Born: March 23, 1927, São Paulo, Brazil

Died: July 18, 2011, São Paulo, Brazil

Composed: 1968

Duration: 10 minutes

Dobrado, Ponto, e Maracatu is a work for brass ensemble by the Brazilian composer Osvaldo Lacerda. Like much of Lacerda’s catalog, it features refined artistic depictions of Brazilian musical nationalism, resulting from his extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the music of his native country, combined with training in composition and orchestration received through study in the United States with such luminaries as Vittorio Giannini and Aaron Copland.

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