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J. S. Bach: "Mein Jesu, was für Seelenweh" (My Jesus! Oh What Anguish), BWV 487

Mein Jesu, was für Seelenweh (My Jesus! Oh What Anguish), BWV 487

Johann Sebastian Bach

Born: March 31, 1685, Eisenach, Germany

Died: July 28, 1750, Leipzig, Germany

Instrumentation: Sacred Song transcribed for Wind Ensemble by Alfred Reed

Duration: 5 minutes

Composed: 1736

The original version of this work was composed in 1736 as one of a set of sacred songs—the melody has been definitely established as being by Bach, the setting is of uncertain origin. Its original form is simply a two-section melody with basso continuo. Alfred Reed produced this “free arrangement” for wind band, orchestrating it in a lush, romantic style.

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