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Baljnder Sekhon: "Double Percussion Concerto"

Double Percussion Concerto

  1. Shadow

  2. Light

Baljnder Sekhon

Instrumentation: Two Percussionists and Wind Ensemble

Duration: 16 minutes

Composed: 2014

Double Percussion Concerto is a two-movement work for two percussion soloists and wind ensemble. Presented in two movements, the work explores structural and stylistic complementation and how contrary elements are interdependent and symbiotic. The number of dichotomies in this work includes the instrumentation of the two percussion soloists, the pitch material used for each movement, and the relationship between ensemble and soloists. The percussionists have complimentary sets of instruments, with one percussionist playing marimba (wood) and brake drum (metal) and the other percussionist playing a vibraphone (metal) and large woodblock (wood). In this scenario, the primary instruments for each setup are generally the same yet opposite. In addition, there is a tom, bass drum, and cymbal that are shared by both soloists. Similar instrumental relationships found among the wind ensemble are treated in a similar way. Furthermore, the pitch material used throughout the work consists of a set of six pitches (hexachords) as the basis for each movement. The intervallic relationships within these collections are the same but the actual pitches are completely complimentary. In essence, this work explores the commonalities present between seemingly opposing forces and how such forces are both necessary to achieve a composite whole. The two movements are subtitled "Shadow" and "Light", respectively.

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