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Karel Husa - "Al Fresco"

Although we have discussed Karel Husa and his music a great deal on this blog, he still has many more works that merit our analysis. Today's post is on "Al Fresco." You can find program notes by the composer on the piece below.

Al Fresco has no programmatic content. However, the title indicates my admiration for the art of painting, especially mural painting on wet plaster. And I have always been greatly moved by the forceful, even grandiose and rough, mysterious pictures dealing with primitive life, war, and pageantry.

The composition has been commissioned for the Ithaca College Concert Band as the first of the Walter Beeler Memorial Commission Series. The first performance was given by the Ithaca College Concert Band (Edward Gobrecht, director) at the MENC Convention in Philadelphia on April 19, 1975, with the composer as guest conductor.

Program Note by Karel Husa.

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