November 8, 2017

Slava! (A Political Overture)

Leonard Bernstein

Born: August 25, 1918, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Died: October 14, 1990, New York, New York

Duration: 4 minutes

Composed: 1977

Transcribed: 1978, Clare Grundman

For the second week of his first season as music director of the National Symphony Orchestra, in October 1977, Mstislav Rostropovich invited Leonard Bernstein for a program of his own work...

November 8, 2017

Dobrado, Ponto, e Maracatu

I. Dobrado

II. Ponto

III. Maracatu

Osvaldo Lacerda

Born: March 23, 1927, São Paulo, Brazil

Died: July 18, 2011, São Paulo, Brazil

Composed: 1968

Duration: 10 minutes

Dobrado, Ponto, e Maracatu is a work for brass ensemble by the Brazilian composer Osvaldo Lacerda. Like much of Lacerda’s catalog, it features refined artistic depictions of Brazilian musical nationalism,...

October 24, 2017

 From a Dark Millennium

Joseph Schwantner

Born: March 22, 1943, Chicago, Illinois

Composed: 1981

Duration: 11 minutes


Deep forests
a play of Shadows
most ancient murmurings
from a dark millennium
the trembling fragrance
of the music of amber

   - Joseph Schwantner

From a Dark Millennium is the final movement of a trilogy of works for wind ensemble written by Schwantner betwe...

October 24, 2017

Centennial Horizons

I.  Aspen Grove

    Interlude – Aspenglow

II. Roaring Gunnison

Kevin McKee

Born: 1980, Yreka, California

Composed: 2012

Arranged: Kevin McKee, David Miller

Original Instrumentation: Trumpet and Piano

Duration: 12 minutes

The composer writes,

When Catherine Sheridan first wrote to me about composing a piece for trumpet and piano, my first thoughts were of my late grandmoth...

October 24, 2017

 Concerto for Chamber Orchestra (Octet for Winds)

I. Vivace

II. Larghetto espressivo (flessible)

George Antheil

Born: July 8, 1900, Trenton, New Jersey

Died: February 12, 1959, New York City

Composed: 1932

Duration: 15 minutes

Perhaps George Antheil’s most famous composition is his Ballet Mécanique, which he wrote in 1926. His controversial music enhanced his reputation as an enfant terrible,...

October 23, 2017

Profanation from Symphony No. 1, Jeremiah

Leonard Bernstein

Born: August 25, 1918, Lawrence, Massachusetts

Died: October 14, 1990, New York, New York

Composed: 1943

Arranged: Frank Bencriscuitto

Duration: 8 minutes

Jeremiah, Bernstein’s first symphony, was premiered in 1944, with the composer conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony, and Jennie Tourel as mezzo-soprano soloist, with the text coming...

October 16, 2017

Lincolnshire Posy

I. Lisbon

II. Horkstow Grange

III. Rufford Park Poachers

IV. The Brisk Young Sailor

V. Lord Melbourne

VI. The Lost Lady Found

Percy Grainger

Born: July 8, 1882, Melbourne, Australia

Died: February 20, 1961, White Plains, New York


Duration: 20 minutes

Lincolnshire Posy was written as a commission for the 1937 American Bandmasters Association convention in Milwaukee, Wisc...

October 16, 2017


Augusta Read Thomas

Born: April 24, 1964, Glen Cove, New York


Duration: 5 minutes

Composer Augusta Read Thomas describes Magneticfireflies as "very rhapsodic, lyrical, rich and majestic, but also quite playful." In the score, she writes "One of the main intentions of this music is the juxtaposition between stark, bold, individual colors, such as a loud solo trump...

October 16, 2017

Serenade in E-flat, Op. 7

Richard Strauss

Born: June 11, 1864, Munich, Germany

Died: September 8, 1949, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Composed: 1884

Duration: 10 minutes

Richard Strauss had just turned seventeen when he composed his Serenade for 13 wind instruments in 1881. In true prodigy style, he had already published a string quartet, a piano sonata, some shorter piano pieces, and an...

October 16, 2017

Grand Central Station

Michael Torke

Born: September 22, 1961, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Composed: 2000

Duration: 6 minutes

The composer writes,

As I wrote this piece, I thought of the tremendous energy of arrivals and departures, the swirling shapes and patterns of people with optimistic expectations. Newly renovated, Grand Central Station has that wonderful mix of the classically old, along with...

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