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Post-Classical Ensemble

I thought it would be good to highlight an ensemble which has served as an excellent model for the UM Wind Orchestra in recent years. 8 years ago, conductor Angel Gil-Ordóñez and artistic adviser Joseph Horowitz teamed up to form the DC-based Post-Classical Ensemble. This ensemble is really the essence of "New Lights" (an initiative UMD has put forth to re-create the concert going experience), as the group uses all means necessary to enliven and re-envision the way audiences experience 'classical' music. in addition to its creative twist production, P-C E also designs programs which fully encompass a featured composer, region, or culture. An example of such a program would be their "Stravinsky Project", in which all aspects of Stravinsky's life and works are considered, and Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Ordóñez re-evaluate Stravinsky's all around "Russianism".

This upcoming season, the ensemble will present a similar lecture-based program highlighting Charles Ives, appropriately called "The Ives Project".

Like UM Wind Orchestra, the Post-Classical Ensemble uses flexible instrumentation, allowing for the highly creative performances of under-programed, yet very important pieces, many of which feature music for heavily scored, (or exclusively scored) for winds. I encourage you to investigate their website for more information -

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