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Vincent Persichetti, "Pageant," Op. 59

Vincent Persichetti

Pageant, Op. 59

Vincent Persichetti

Born: June 6, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Died: August 14, 1987, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Composed: 1953

Duration: 8 minutes

Pageant, Persichetti's third work for band, opens in slow tempo with a motive in the horn that is used throughout both sections of the piece. The slow chordal section is succeeded by a lively "parade" section introduced by the snare drum. In the final portion of the work the two principal subjects are developed simultaneously to a lively climax.

Pageant was commissioned by the American Bandmasters Association, and its premiere was given on March 7, 1953, at the ABA Convention in Miami, Florida, performed by the University of Miami Band, with the composer conducting.

Vincent Persichetti, Pageant

University of North Texas Wind Symphony, Eugene Corporon, conductor

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