September 1, 2017

English Folk Song Suite

I. Seventeen Come Sunday

II. My Bonny Boy

III. Folk Songs From Somerset

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Born: October 12, 1872, Down Ampney, United Kingdom

Died: August 26, 1958, London, United Kingdom

Composed: 1923

Duration: 12 minutes

At the turn of the twentieth century, there was a general interest in the recording and utilization of folk musics led by a number of European c...

August 25, 2010

Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst are in many ways kindred spirits in the world of classical music and especially band music. Both were English composers fascinated with English folk song and both of them wrote multiple pieces for military band that have become staples of the wind band repertoire. Today's blog post will focus on Vaughan Williams's "Folk Song Suite." Below you can...

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September 10, 2018

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