February 14, 2017

The Good Soldier Schweik Suite

  1. Overture

  2. Lament

  3. March

  4. War Dance

  5. Pastoral

  6. Finale

Robert Kurka

Born: December 22, 1921, Cicero, Illinois

Died: December 12, 1957, New York, New York

Instrumentation: Fourteen winds, timpani, and percussion

Composed: 1956

Duration: 20 minutes

The SUITE was inspired by THE GOOD SOLDIER ŠVEJK, the brilliantly realistic anti-wa...

June 26, 2010

Another piece that might be unknown to people who are only familiar with the more traditional wind repertoire is Robert Kurka's Good Soldier Schweik Suite. Good Soldier Schweik draws its inspiration from a novel by the Czech author Jaroslav Hašek. You can find more information on the novel by following this link to a Wikipedia article.

Kurka, an American composer who died a tr...

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September 10, 2018

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